Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Politics of "Sex by Surprise" in the Assange Case

WikiLeaks' publication of diplomatic cables and the string of events that it has set off is no doubt incredibly interesting from a critical perspective. For a solid legal discussion on this topic, listen to WCL's own Stephen Vladeck's contributions on The Diane Rehm Show roundtable today. 

While the blogosphere has been set on fire by the controversy, a new debate is emerging around the rape and sexual assault charges pending against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in Sweden. Feministe has a great entry on the politics of rape, misogyny, and the law (both U.S. & Sweden) that puts proper perspective on the allegations and the public's reaction to them. 

Relatedly, Dissenting Justice has written an unequivocal post calling out some progressive's antiquated sexual politics in their rush to defend Assange. 

These critiques will be sharpened once more is known about the allegations and more legal analysis surfaces about Swedish rape law. Nonetheless, it's a very interesting story of which to keep track. 

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