Thursday, September 30, 2010

Modern Day Poll Tax

Check-out this cross-post at the National Center for the Restoration of Civil Rights on the 24th Amendment and the modern day poll tax on people convicted of felonies.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New TMA Blog

Welcome to Modern America, The Modern American's new blog. The Modern American, American University Washington College of Law's publication dedicated to diversity and law, is making its blogosphere debut in an effort to digitize and revolutionize the publication. We hope that the blog is a continuation of our fall and spring issues, providing cutting-edge content, and sparking discussion about legal issues, among lawyers, students, activists, and community members.

We're happy to bring on several bloggers to our staff so we'll have original content every week during the school year. We will also link to other interesting blog entries related to law, policy, and politics. You can checkout our spring issue at here at our main website; at this website, too, are our archived issues since our inaugural issue (2004).

To ask questions or join our free subscription list, e-mail us at

Happy reading.